Sunday, May 29, 2011

Typhoon Songda

We got home from China on Thursday and then had to prepare for the Typhoon that was coming. The storm "hit" on Saturday evening around 10 pm. Joe and I were outside taking pictures around 8 pm. There was some strong gusts of wind but nothing too strong. But when it actually hit, that was a different story. Our area was on the edge of the eye of the Typhoon. We had sustained winds of 50 miles/hour or greater and around 92 miles/per hour gusts. OF course, I couldn't sleep. I went to check on our stuff outside so I went to the side door. When I opened it, you could hear a high pitched squeal and it sounded like a train was coming through or an airplane was coming too low. It was loud. I retreated to my concrete bunker and stayed there. The next morning, Joe and I were out from 7AM cleaning up. We then went to help some friends who had deployed spouses. All is back to normal around here, the trees just look like they got attacked up a chain saw. Just found out that the winds were 58mph sustained and 109 mph on Kadena (AF base 3 miles up the road) and 127 at Futenma (Marine Air station 2 miles in the other direction.)
All of our outdoor things secured!
Trying to show the wind gusts (this was around 8:00pm
The bushes and potted plant still intact

Plants in the front yard.
We have a trash can surrounding some trees in the back yard. You can't really tell but the trees were uprooted.
Our backyard
The side yard- this is what I was hearing the entire night (branches snapping)
Neighbors across the street.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it is already May. April came and went but we were busy. Joe came home the first week in April. Then the boys had spring break (which we went no where)then school started. Joe went back to work, I was subbing almost everyday or spending time at the school for PTO and the boys were back at soccer practice. Our time left here on this island is dwindling. We are still waiting on orders for our move but they should be coming soon. On May 22-26 we are going to China. I think the boys and I are going to be living off of rice but we will survive.

Joe did his first triathlon since he has been back. He came in 2nd overall and won his age group. It was a short tri- 300M swim, 3-4 mile bike and 1.5 mile run. Joe needed the run to be a little longer in order to catch the leader. @ more regular season games for Brody and one for Hunter. Hunter's league has a playoff so in 2 weeks the playoffs will start. both boys won this weekend. Hunter scored 3 and Brody didn't score but was throwing some elbows!'s not illegal unless you get caught and he didn't get caught. To give him credit, the other team was tall so I am sure he was getting hit in the head by there elbows so he was just returning the favor.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last go around!

Our last soccer season in Okinawa!! I am hoping for warmer weather but Saturday's game was cold. We are in week 2 for soccer. Last week, both boys won their games while this week, both boys lost their games. Hunter scored 2 goals in week one and Brody scored one. Neither boy scored this weekend.

Hunter is playing in the competitive league for the first time. The field is bigger and let me tell you, he is NOT a distance runner! He is more of a sprinter! Thankfully, he plays a lot of forward so he doesn't have to run back on defense. Hunter is doing well in school. I just had a meeting with his teacher and they are going to screen him for the gifted program. As a mother, I believe both of my kids are gifted but we will see. If he is "accepted" into the gifted program, nothing much will be done due to the fact that we are moving. It will just give him a better opportunity to be in a gifted program back in the states.

Brody is playing half the time in goal and the other half as a mid fielder. What that boy lacks in height, he makes up for in heart. He runs everywhere on the field! He is going to be a distance runner. He loves soccer and is very aggressive. He still looks forward to the end of the game so he can have his snack. Both boys got on Shea and Eliot's (from football) team so at practice they have someone to play with. Of course, youth sports wasn't thinking when they assigned the times- Brody practices from 5-6 and Hunter goes from 6-7. On Mondays and Wednesdays we are at the fields for 2 hours!!

Joe has left. I don't exactly know where he is at right now but he is making his way to CA. They are expected to get to CA on Monday. At that point, he will start his 96 (96 hours off) then he will start his check in process. For those of you who didn't know, Joe made the All Marine Triathlon team. His race will be in CA on April 9th. He will fly back to Oki the next day. I was going to go and meet him in CA but the military had put a stop to all travel in and out of Tokyo after the earthquake,tsunami and nuclear reaction. That ban has since been lifted but Joe and I decided that I wouldn't go.

Just a quick update on the conditions here in Okinawa. We are over 1000 miles away from the nuclear site. We are NOT getting evacuated. The bases on the Mainland are under a voluntary evacuation. Our base was not affected by this event. Most of the Marines on this base have been deployed to Mainland to help out but other than that, it is business as usual.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He needs to grow taller
hunter playing QB again
Brody and Eliot
Almost had a TD on this one

Here is what my Saturday:
8:15 leave the house for Brody's 9am game. Go directly to the party after at the bowling alley. 12:00- feed Brody and Eliot (Hunter was with Eliot's mom) at Kadena- not my base. 1:30- Hunter's game then his party after. 6:30- Finally leaving Kadena and got home at 7:00!! It was a long day but the boys had a blast! It is onto soccer season for both boys and Eliot and Shea are on their team again.

On Friday, I went on a field trip with Hunter's class. Trina and I decided to follow the bus. We thougth we knew where we were going but I guess we didn't. We ended up exploring the southern part of Okinawa but were able to find our way to the place. We had no map and no one spoke English! I don't know how we did it but we did and had a good laugh while doing it! The field trip was to Okinawa World. We went in the cave then walked through the village. The highlight of the day was visiting the snake museum (for the kids not the adults). The snake picture is the only one that Hunter was smiling in.
Part of the PTO board and thier kid holding a boa constrictor. L to R: Trina & Catherine Bourquin, Michelle & Jordan Smith, Me & Hunter. This is the imfamous Trina whom I always am with. And this is Jordan that stayed with me for 2 weeks.
CJ, Myron, Marcellous, and Hunter with the Python
Hunter and Myron
The boys in the cage

Update on Joe... Last I talked to him his return date has been moved. He will not be home until April 10/11th. The Marine Corps, more specifically his CO, have a messed up way of checking in. The check in process will take longer than it should because he has to take a mandatory 96. If anyone is in the CA area and wants to visit him- I'm sure he would like that. Seeing as how most of you live in MI it won't happen. Will update you when I get more news.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spelling Bee

Hunter was in the 3rd grade spelling bee. He did very well. He ended up making it to a fifth place finish. He misspelled the word "rhythm". Of course, he was upset because he really wanted a trophy but has since calmed down. When I got Brody from school, I told him that Hunter was upset and not to mention the spelling be to him. Brody walked in the house, handed him a lollipop and sat down. Hunter asked him what it was for and Brody replied "For doing so well in the spelling bee!" His anger didn't last long, Hunter had a football game that evening.

Hunter's team has been close in all the games but has come up short on the winning end. They finally pulled off a win. They played really well. They had another game on Sat. The game went down to the final minutes but the Jets came up on the short end again. Hunter did score his first touchdown of the season. I had my camera(as usual), he was on the opposite side of the field (always happens when there is a big play) but I was talking so I never got a picture of it!! I did see the TD just wasn't able to capture it on film.

Brody's team tied again (according to Brody) His level doesn't keep score so the coach always tells them that it ended in a tie. Brody plays all the positions. HE was playing quarterback and was able to complete a pass to his teammate. As his teammate ran down the field Brody ran with him. As he passed me, I yelled "Nice throw Brody" He turned,while running, and said "Thanks mom". We have one more game left in football and then soccer will start for the boys.

Joe is approaching the one year mark but he won't be returning home until April. Yes, he will be gone longer than a year but there is nothing that can be done. We will be delaying our trip to China. We were going to go over spring break (second week of April) but Joe would have just gotten home so we will wait till May. For those of you who haven't heard, Joe has chosen Georgetown for school. We will be in the DC area for one year so start planning your trip to DC and you will have a place to stay (I can't guarantee a home cooked meal but I can provide a bed to sleep in)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saints and the Jets

Flag football season is under way and the boys are both playing. Brody is on the Saints and Hunter is on the Jets. The boys have only had 2 games but seemed to be having fun. Hunter has moved up a league so there is a little more competition. He age level however, is still considered a non-competitive league so they don't keep score. He knows the score at the end of the game.

The weather has been terrible (for Okinawa). It has been cold and rainy. It only seems to be that way when the boys have practice or have a game. Thank goodness we don't pay for our heat!

The boys are on their friends team again. Hunter is with Shea and Brody is with Eliot. They were all together last season for FB, BB and this year FB. We are hoping they get on the same soccer team. The boys all get along and are all pretty good athletes. Hunter and Shea get along very well, they are both very competitive but quiet. They make a good team. Brody and Eliot are like in that they will do anything, play anywhere that the coach asks them too. They are also 2 of the few players that know the game and how to play. It should be a fun season.
Hunter and Shea looking at baseball cards
Brody adn Eliot "warming up" before the game
Hunter and Shea before the game